Stage dévelopement web pour une startup a Lille

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Recruteur Clear Road
Département Nord (59)

Le cadre, l'entreprise

Automate the data processing and analysis from a pool of vehicles, using state-of the art python technology to provide a stable and scalable transaction processor.
Integrate data collection services with the ClearRoad platform using Nexedi's jIO framework.
Develop and maintain state-of-the-art data analysis and processing tools to correctly transform raw GPS data into billable mileage to invoice the road users.
Build minimalistic/proof-of-concept customer web apps using renderJS/jIO that are connected to the ClearRoad platform.
Help design a cryptographically sound system that makes it impossible for any party to "lie" about his/her road consumption or billable amounts.

Mission proposée:

ClearRoad, in partnership with Nexedi, is looking for a 4-12 months trainee interested in developing javascript and python-based applications that process data gathered from a network of connected cars. Nexedi is a key stakeholder in a US-based project around the use of connected car data for financing road infrastructure and has helped develop ClearRoad, a platform for transforming car data into financial transactions, currently live in the state of Oregon as part of the OReGO program - The platform will now be used on other US states too.

ClearRoad must maintain and improve this platform for the more and more demanding projects in the United States. The platform should become a real financial clearing house, be backed up by strong cryptography (ClearRoad is looking into logging the transaction in a distributed ledger on one of the existing Blockchains), and scale for the growing amounts of data that are processed.

Conditions (lieu, salaire, horaires...):

A paid internship for a period of 4 - 12 months in Lille (we offer university housing in Lille if you need to relocate) during which you will:

- Work on an innovating project in the Road Charging industry,
- Learn and work with new technologies regarding connected cars and transportation technologies (GPS devices / ODB2 connectors / GNSS technologies)
- Work on an entreprise-class ERP (Nexedi's ERP5) developed in Python
- Contribute to a Blockchain-based solution.

Profil du candidat recherché par le recruteur:

We are looking for a young technical profile, preferably with skills not limited to IT (e.g. doing an engineering degree with good physics/mathematics background, or IT degree with good design / algorithm knowledge), to be able to help in the various IT developments and projects of ClearRoad.

If you feel you are curious about technology and like to play with machines, systems and web development (HTML5 etc.), and that you can work independently / you are resourceful, this intership is for you.


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