Business Development Intern in Barcelona

Référence tel182190
Recruteur Business Development
Département La Réunion (974)

Le cadre, l'entreprise

You can work in any of these departments or you can work for 2 or more departments at the same time:

-Business development
-Marketing and Sales
-Event Management
-Human Resources
-Tourism Management
-Web Development
-Legal Department

Mission proposée:


We offer you an internship in which you can develop the basic skills needed for online marketing, video production, the development and optimization of websites, prospection with new technologies and other skills which are essential in our modern day society.

Conditions (lieu, salaire, horaires...):

The company offers training on different subjects and programs (Photo/ Web/Video Editors, SEO, community Management, Google ad words/ad sense and Business solutions, Blogging and Domaining).
Paid on commission basis an average of 50 euros to 1000 euros approximately. Interns must bring their own laptops. 20 hrs per week more or less upon request, flexible timetable. An internship usually last from 2 to 6 months however in our company the student chooses the duration and the amount of hours per week that he/she is willing to work.The intern can make his own timetable which has to be approved by the company mentor.It´s not necessary to speak Spanish as we are a team of internationals.

Profil du candidat recherché par le recruteur:

Our company has years of experience of work with students supported by Erasmus+, DaVinci and many other programs from all over the world. We provide you with all needed documents that universities usually require as well as the documents to preform your internship.

In Dpointgroup you have an opportunity to perform tasks for your university and for the internship at the same time.


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